HeadStart works with some fantastic corporate partners to support your journey. 

Thanks to the likes of Starbucks, Zendesk, Bloomberg, Nandos, Mitchells & Butlers, and the GLA, we are able to make you two promises:

1. Professional Skills Workshops

You can access professional skills workshops delivered and designed by our corporate partners and AGL, a market leading communications agency.

These workshops will provide you with first-class training in communication skills, interview techniques, customer service, and a range of other employment-related skills to help you get ahead of the game.

2. Guaranteed Job Interview

Once you have completed 16+ hours of volunteering, you can choose a guaranteed interview for a great part-time, seasonal job or internship opportunity with one of our corporate partners.

What roles are available?

All roles are paid and will provide a fantastic platform to experience working life. Some roles are for part-time seasonal jobs, and others offer paid internships. Each one will help you to develop a great set of skills to transfer into any future career you look to pursue, or potentially enable you to secure permanent employment with our partners.

For more information on any of our corporate partners, their respective employment offering and any other questions you may have about this stage in your journey with HeadStart, please don't hesitate to contact us at headstart@the-challenge.org

corporate partners

Please note that the corporate partners available for HeadStart participants to interview with differs by region. Not all regions will have access to all of the corporate partners listed above.