How HeadStart can benefit you

HeadStart can help you in so many ways. Whether you are thinking about entering further education, going into work, taking up an apprenticeship, or just want to improve your general confidence and experience for the future, HeadStart has something to offer you. 

Gain skills and experience

HeadStart will help you to gain the skills and experiences you need to get ahead. Alongside the enriching experience you'll enjoy through volunteering, you’ll also gain access to exclusive skills development workshops where you can get expert advice on employability skills and interview preparation! Delivered by professionals and usually costing hundreds of pounds to attend, our workshops will equip you with the tools and confidence you need to stand out, whether that be on your UCAS form, CV, or in professional interactions. 

The Head of Undergraduate Admissions at Bristol University confirmed 'Whatever subject you choose to study at University, employability skills, such as team work, leadership, and communication, will enhance your University application and help you in your future career'

Get a Guaranteed Job Interview

Taking that first step into the world of work can be hard. It's difficult to know where to start and how to get approach prospective employers. But that's where HeadStart comes in! As a thank you, we promise every HeadStart participant who volunteers for 16 hours an interview for a part-time job or paid internship with one of our leading business partners. Even if you don't want a job at this point in time, it's an amazing opportunity to experience a professional interview, and we'll provide the support and training you need to guide you through the process so that you feel confident to perform at your best. We know that, given the opportunity, you can really shine. 

Make a Difference

In cities, towns, and communities across the nation, there is an incredible amount of good happening. Now you have the opportunity to be a part of it. By volunteering through the HeadStart programme, you'll be making a real difference to the lives of service users and the community around you, and because we have such a range of volunteering placements available, you can choose an opportunity that you are truly passionate about. Here's what last year's HeadStart particioants had to say about their volunteering experience:

"I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed the volunteering aspect... I've learnt that volunteering can be so much more fulfilling and enjoyable than I ever thought it could be. Also, it gave me so many great examples for my interview and gave me much more confidence after interacting with so many people coming from different backgrounds. I will definitely continue volunteering!"

Expand your Horizons 

Interacting with new people can bring immense value to our lives. It can challenge our perspective, widen our horizons and expand our professional networks to open up new, exciting opportunities. As a HeadStart volunteer, you will have the chance to interact with, and learn from, current professionals who are eager to offer advice and share knowledge. You'll hear from them about their experiences and journeys, and how they got to where they are today. You'll also have the chance to meet people from all different walks of life through your volunteering placement, and see exactly how charities are making an extraordinary difference to the lives of their service users.